What to visit in Belarus

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Belarus is very attractive for tourists who are interested in wildlife and forest.

Here you can see many birds and animals in their natural habitat.

Polessky Radiation and Ecological Reserve is located in the south of Belarus. The reserve was organized on July 18, 1988 in the Belarusian part of the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the territory of the three most affected areas of the accident in the Gomel region – Braginsky, Narovlyansky and Khoiniki. There are 96 abandoned settlements on the territory, where more than 22 thousand inhabitants lived before the accident.

1251 species of plants are registered in the Polessky State Radiation and Ecological Reserve, this is more than two thirds of the country’s flora, 18 of them are listed in the International Red Book and the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. The fauna includes 54 species of mammals, 25 species of fish, 280 species of birds. More than 40 species of animals are rare and endangered.
In the central part of Belarus is the Nalibok Pushcha. There you can see the bison. You can also see them at Bialowieza National Park in the west of the country.

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve – a reserve located in the northern part of Belarus. Due to its biological diversity and the uniqueness of natural complexes, the reserve is of exceptional importance not only for Belarus, but also for Europe as a whole.

But the real value of Belarus are swamps. If you still don’t know that swamps are beautiful, go to Yelnya. The Yelnya swamp massif is one of the largest swamp complexes in Belarus with numerous lakes.

The answer to the question «what to see in Belarus» is: the nature of Belarus.