Spring Yasenets (Boiling Water)

Near the village of Yasenets, Baranavichy district, in the forest there is a miracle of nature. This is a spring with drinking water, which belongs to the rare type of springs – ascending.

📍 GPS: 53.35469, 26.05344

Water escapes from under the earth  forming bubbles. Similar bubbles can be seen on the surface of boiling water. Maybe that’s why the people called the spring “Boiling Water”.

According to another version, the spring got its name due to the fact that the water temperature is 9 degrees year-round, even in winter.

The spring is really fascinating, we did not want to leave it at all. It’s just a little geyser, you can look at it forever. The place is very quiet and secluded. The water contains a high copper content; drinking it a lot is not recommended. You can even smell a characteristic odor. The branches that got into the spring stream turned into a “rusty” color.

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