Republican landscape reserve “Vygonoshchanskoe”

The Vygonoshchanskoye nature reserve is the largest preserved forest-bog massif on the main watershed of the river basins of the Black and Baltic Seas. But you’ve hardly heard of him before. And if you accidentally heard, then you certainly have not been there. Meanwhile, last year the reserve celebrated its fortieth birthday. decided to go there to see what is interesting there and did not regret it.

📍 GPS: 52.623147, 25.919659

We kept our way straight to Lake Vygonoshchanskoye. However, the first interesting natural object was discovered before reaching it. It was a lake of karst origin, Vulkovskoye, 28 meters deep, on the shore of which there is an equipped beach and Telekhani camp site. We looked around: beautiful! Tourists are strolling around with sticks for Nordic walking. We like it, we go further inspired.

Soon, the Oginsky Canal begins on the left side of the road. The canal, now not used, was built in 1767-1783. It connects the Yaselda River (Pripyat basin) and Shchara (Neman basin), thus connecting the Baltic Sea with the Black Sea.

We draw attention to the well-preserved, gray, moss-covered concrete structures along the canal. These are the remains of the front line, which took place here for more than two years: from 1915 to 1918. By the way, the military-historical festival “Vygonoshchanskaya fortification” is annually held here.

We have heard that a picturesque trail passes near Lake Vygonoshchanskoye and therefore continue to go to the lake with the aim of walking along it. Suddenly we rest against the barrier. To go further you need to pay. Payment is hourly, about 1.5 rubles per hour per person. We got a ticket, the barrier rises and we move on. And here is the beginning of the trail on the right side.

On the trail everything was as if a human foot had never stepped here. Along the trail are signs indicating rare plants that grow in these places. The forest ends and the swamp begins. And suddenly the path leads us out of the forest … to a huge forest lake!

Lake Vygonoshchanskoye occupies 26 km2! It is very beautiful. An additional bonus is a  well-arranged area around. However, despite this, even in the summer season on the lake it is not crowded. Mostly fishermen love it.

Of all the beautiful places for outdoor recreation in Belarus, Vygonoshchanskoye is one of the most successful options for a weekend trip. We really liked the reserve. Such secluded beautiful places where human intervention in nature is minimal is the unique trump card of Belarus. On the way to the reserve, we saw a tree in the village of Obrovo. There are 7 stork nests on this tree! …

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