About the city of Turov. What to see and why everyone should visit it.

The river Pripyat flows in the south of Belarus. And on the right bank of this river, at its very tributaries, stands the city – Turov. It stands there for a long, long time, the first mention of Turov in the annals is 980. The past of Turov was brilliant, but what interesting for a tourist is here today?

📍 GPS: 52.073288, 27.737136

First of all, its location. Turov is located in Polesie – and this is a unique physical and geographical area. To make sure it’s enough just to look at satellite images on google maps.

In Turov the famous Turov Meadow is located. In fact, this is an island surrounded by river. In the spring it turns into an international airport for a huge number of bird species, one of which is a sandpiper. Sandpiper Morodunka is listed in the Red Book.

Birdwatchers from all over Europe come to Turov for the annual sandpiper festival, which takes place on May 26th.

By the way, in recent years, the meadow began to overgrow. Previously, grazing cows of local residents ate it, but now few locals have cows. Therefore, the problem was solved: now a herd of cows called «limousines» grazes in the meadow. They are very beautiful and unusual for our region.

In Turov, you can also look at the remains of a 12th-century church. And there are stone crosses of the 10th century. TENTH! That was a very, very long time ago.

We also recommend visiting very tipical wooden church – the Church of All Saints. It was built in 1801.

And of course, take a walk along the river, typical Polesie landscapes are guaranteed! Where, if not here, to be alone with yourself and silence…

Turov is a very unusual small town. So many attractions are concentrated in a modest area, that in one day you can not have time to see everything! This is the place where it is better to meet the sunset and the dawn..

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