Narrow gauge railway in Belarus

Industrial tourism? Why not! Why should you visit narrow-gauge railways in Belarus? Because it is very beautiful! Surprised? Then read this article.

Узкоколейная железная дорога в Беларуси

There are about 30 narrow gauge railways in Belarus. Usually narrow gauge railways are laid where passage of any other type of transport is impossible or difficult. We have so many of them due to the fact that they are used to transport the extracted peat in the wetlands. It should be noted that there are no abandoned narrow gauge railways in Belarus. They are either exploited or quickly disassembled.

We took a ride on a train from the Ditva Peat Briquette Factory, which is located near the city of Lida. The route is very picturesque. We drove along a narrow corridor of trees . So narrow that we really could touch the trees- so close they came to a narrow 750-millimeter railway.

And then our train went from the forest directly to the lake with swans and herons! The water was around us, as if we were driving in the middle of the lake. The re-wetland areas in the floodplain of the Ditva River have become a favorite place for many migratory birds. The route will not leave indifferent any birdwatcher.

Then we stoped directly at the place where peat is mined. The landscapes are cosmic, and, like in space, without a single sign of life. Two strips of rails go to the horizon, over which the black mountains of peat rise. Peat is a non-renewable natural resource.

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