Museum of Folk Architecture and Life “Strochitsy”

The Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is an open-air museum. It will not take much time to get there from Minsk, since the museum is very close, about 5 km from the Minsk Ring Road. However, keep in mind that this place is not about the “glass-crackling”. Who will be interested in visiting the museum in Strochitsy?

📍 GPS: 53.834197, 27.374043

  • Those who are interested in the cultural heritage, life and traditions of Belarus.
  • Those who want to look at the monuments of wooden architecture of Belarus.
  • Someone who wants to take a walk in the fresh air, but is not ready to give up comfort and does not want to travel far.

The concept of this place is very interesting – the buildings presented on the territory of the museum in the open air are wooden monuments transported there from all over Belarus.

There is a whole village with houses, a stable for animals and farm buildings. There is a church from the village of Lognavichi of the Kletsk district of the 18th century, a windmill from the village of Damatkanavichi of the 19th century, a chapel from the village of Karalevtsi, Vilensky district of the 19th century, and much more.

The territory is huge, it is pleasant to walk around it. There is a tavern where you can taste dishes of Belarusian cuisine. There is also the opportunity to fly through the museum on a hang glider.

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