Beautiful water springs of Belarus near Brest-Minsk highway

The nature of Belarus is rich in numerous springs with clean drinking water, nestled in the forest. Recently, we already wrote about the springs «Sant springs». In this article we will write about the two most picturesque springs in the forest, which you can visit without turning far from the M1 (Brest-Minsk) highway.

Sudnitsky Springs

📍 GPS: 53.5018258, 26.6191076

Sudnitsky Springs are very  interesting  place because  they are in an absolutely untouched, natural state. The public cadastral map of the Republic of Belarus describes them as follows: ” Not equipped. The springs are in their original form and represent multiple outlets of water.”

Well, we’re going to see it. We reach the village of Sudniki, Stolbtsovsky district, without much difficulty we find a sign warning us that somewhere nearby there is a hydrological natural monument of local importance. We see the sign, but we don’t understand where to go.

We delve into the forest, 10 minutes we are going arround . We listen, hoping to hear the sound of water, but we hear nothing. We go back to the sign, decide to go a little along the country road forward and then again dive into the forest. Not the slightest hint of a beaten path. But suddenly – here it is! We see the water below.

We get down, we see a stream! We go with the flow. For all our efforts, we are rewarded with the beauty of a forest stream that has opened up to us. Here we are alone, only three woodpeckers are here with us. We can see them, but they don’t want to be photographed. Well, we respect their privacy.

On the outskirts of the village of Sudniki there are many bird feeding cratchs. If you are quiet and careful you will see bullfinches. We were impressed!

Tartaki Spring

📍 GPS: 53.004708, 25.713985

Located in the Brest region, near the village of the same name Tartaki, Baranavichy district. This spring, unlike the previous one, is equipped with place where you can take water . A beautiful wooden bridge spreads over the stream.

Родник Тартаки

A local resident willingly enters into a dialogue with us: he assures us that the water is healing. Judging by the fact that he is gaining the sixth three-liter bottle, he checked it more than once.

Место набора воды родник Тартаки

I don’t know how to explain this, but it seemed to us that there was some kind of unique microclimate in this place: it became immediately noticeably warmer, although the day was frosty. Our guesses are confirmed by a young green shoot along the spring channel. Clearly here is a plus temperature!

It is not difficult to find this spring, a well-rolled road leads directly to it. As in the first place we hear a woodpecker, but we can’t see it: too crowded. We taste water – delicious! In the forest around there is not the slightest hint of gray November: green moss covers the foot of the pines like a carpet. For a second, we even forgot that the blooming summer is far behind. The spring is located in the territory of the Stronga Reserve.

Stronga is a unique place which was founded in order to conserve endangered fish species and  the natural state of it habitats .

You should decide which of these two springs to visit.  If you are interested in the wild and untouched nature – go to Sudniki, want to take beautiful photos on a picturesque bridge – go to Tartaki. Well, we strongly recommend exploring both of these wonderful places. The springs of Belarus are real sights of our beautiful country.

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