Yutskovsky springs

This is the place where potable water emerges from underground in the Minsk region Derzhinsky district.

📍 GPS: 53.797453, 27.168889

These springs are very important and state-protected. A spring flows from a hill in the forest and runs down the slopes, forming small natural waterfalls on its way. Because of a hilly landscape Yutskovsky spring looks like a mountain river flowing in a gorge.

Water from the spring is suitable for drinking, therefore, places for water intake are equipped here. A good staircase leads to them, through you can easily go down to the place where the water emerges without even getting your feet dirty. But! We recommend taking comfortable, waterproof shoes and going down the stream. After several meters, the concentration of people drops sharply, while the concentration of beauty, on the contrary, increases in direct proportion with each step. But to go — let’s not dissemble — is hard. The place is moist, clay soil is slippery.

You can get there without any difficulty by car. The road is good. At the entrance to the forest there is a sign with the name of the spring. There is a bench with a table in place, we recommend to linger and have a picnic. Scientists claim that the sound of water has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. The sounds of the forest and the singing of birds too!

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