Republican Hydrological Reserve “Duleba Islands”

Duleba Islands? No, you definitely have not heard of them. This place is definitely wild. And this is his charm. Here on a vast territory of 26,600 hectares, nature reigns. This is a unique place for Europe and it is located in Belarus.

Острова Дулебы
Озеро Подозёрище

What does the island have to do with it and what is Duleby? The islands because the area is swampy, but in the middle of the swamp there are islands of forest. The reserve territory is rich in Red Book inhabitants. 22 species of animals living in the reserve and 12 species of plants growing there are included in the Red Book. “Duleby” is a Slavic tribe that existed in the Middle Ages.

We would not be us if we had not gone there to explore this wonderful corner of Belarus. Moreover, from the name itself it is clear that this place is ancient, mystical and wild. The best place for the expedition!

Клюква на болоте в январе

What did we find there?


  • Clean air and silence.
  • Beautiful inaccessible lake “Podozeryche” hidden in the middle of the forest and swamps.
  • Sweet and sour “frozen” cranberries and heady aroma of the mantis.
  • The pristine beauty of nature. The swamps are beautiful!
  • Absence of anyone at all. Complete privacy.

The only minus follows from the last plus:

  • The complete absence of any infrastructure. The inaccessibility of this place.
Заросли багульника на болоте

Today, the only opportunity to visit It is to go hiking. Trekking routes have been developed in the reserve, but our advice is to have a phone with a GPS function with you. Getting lost in a swamp is very easy, and the territory, as we recall, is huge – 26,600 hectares!

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