Swamp Yelnya. We give the GPS coordinates of the trail and the places where you can see cranes.

Yelnya is a beautiful swamp where cranberries grow. Many cranes stop here in the fall.

📍 GPS: 55.5755, 27.7307

It has been proven (and this is for sure) that the marshes produce more oxygen than the forests, so you will combine the pleasant with the useful.

Today we tested the trail in the swamp Yelnya. Along the way beautiful views are guaranteed, but our advice is to take rubber boots. You won’t get your feet wet on the trail, but, definitely, when you reach its end you will want more, because its length is only one and a half kilometers.

The best time to visit swamp is September – October. At this time, the colors of swamp are red, yellow, and orange! Cranberries ripen in the moss.

Cranes stop here during seasonal migration. This is the best time for birdwatching. We recommend carrying binoculars.

Or you can arrive there during the annual festival “Cranes and Cranberries” which takes place in Miory (10 km from the trail). From Miory, ornithologists will pick you up on an authentic village school bus and take you to where the cranes are based. There optics will be already fixed and ornithologists will show you the cranes. By the way, this is free. In 2019, they brought us on the field (📍 here are the coordinates 55.5501, 27.5829).

Follow the news of the Miory region here: http://miory.vitebsk-region.gov.by/ru/zuravli/
Yelnya is an oligotrophic swamp. It is 9000 years old! Recently, the idea of protecting high-lying bogs as reservoirs and regulators of moisture, as well as flora and fauna reserves, is gaining increasing recognition.

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